Dave Bucar Message...

"We help our clients implement a strategy that allows them to become more business agile, lean and quick -- to do more with less people and respond better to competition and opportunity.

Our services have grown and our outsourcing heritage continues to expand. Our clients have found that it is less expensive to buy non-core expertise than to build it themselves.

We do outstanding work. We have talented, hard-working and responsible employees that care about our clients. Being dependable and providing results is important to us. When our clients succeed, it ensures our success. Our number one goal is to produce for our clients. That means to lower costs and improve results. That is how we measure client success."


Bucar Group, formed in 2001 by Dave Bucar, specializes in customized business marketing, collection and credit outsourcing solutions servicing many industries and client sizes.

"Bucar Group is a powerful advantage for your business."

Evaluation of your current methods is a sound business strategy. You may be doing it well but need to do it cheaper.

Bucar Group can help you reassign, reduce and redirect staff and enhance and/or maintain peak performance.